Hello there!

I am Abhidnya and I am the messy artist of this messy art book.

I work as a software engineer and I am a self taught artist. I am a messy artist who is obsessed with travel,watercolors, food, journals and most of all painting them all!!

I am from India, so you will find a lot of my artwork inspired by the vibrant Indian culture. Also, I am a voracious reader so lot of my artwork inspirations are from the books I read.
I enjoy painting and journaling and I also enjoy creating art projects using various mixed medias on canvas.

You can follow my YouTube channel to check out the videos on artwork projects.

I believe one should always make time for their art, inspire others to do the same and get inspired in the same way.
I hope you find some inspiration here on my blog.

Leave me a comment or contact me here if you feel inspired.