Watercolor Doodles | Cacti 2

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From the messy art book, we have a watercolor doodle of potted cacti.
I have used a different coloring style and technique for this watercolor painting, then the other cacti watercolor doodles.
Giving it a fresh look with a fresh color scheme.


  1. Basic Watercolor paints
  2. 2B pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Brushes
  5. Basic drawing sheet


Step 1: Start with a simple sketch of the cacti plants. I sketched different types of cacti to get some variation. You can take reference from the internet or Pinterest to draw the cacti

Step 2: Start painting using watercolors directly on dry paper. Color the pots using shades of Brown, Black and Yellow Ochre. You can use lighter colors to paint the pots and then add details using dark shades.

Step 3: For the cactus, I started with a dark shade and made the shade lighter as we go ahead. Added details like thorns and flowers with a dry brush and dry paint and added shadows by wetting the paper first and using diluted paint in water for a smudged effect.

Step 4: And lastly I finished it off with some outline with a 0 point brush and a gentle wash of blue in the background.

Color Scheme

Color scheme

Hope I was able to inspire you with this watercolor technique.
You can watch the making video of this sketch below or on my YouTube channel.

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