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From the food journal, today I have sketched two delicious cheese cakes.Personally, I absolutely love cheese cakes,to eat and draw them. These delicious and colorful cheese cakes were a delight to paint.

The luscious violet color of the blueberry cheese cake and the deep red and cream color of the red velvet cheese cake makes a beautiful color scheme.

I begin the painting by drawing a simple outline for the cakes. For coloring the cakes I have used basic watercolors. Primarily two colors, Crimson and Ultramarine Blue, were used to create the shade of violet for the blueberry sauce. I used a shade of Black and White for the base of blueberry cheese cake and the cream topping. Similarly, shades of Scarlet, Crimson, White and Yellow Ochre for the red velvet cheese cake.

Painting the layers of the cakes was great fun! My aim was to get the layers perfect.

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