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From the messy art book, today we have watercolor doodle of planted cacti.
I love the earthy colors of the shades of green,brown and yellow used to create this cacti sketch.

Started this sketch by drawing a pencil sketch of a bunch of cacti in a pot. Using a micro pen of size 0.5 to outline the pencil sketch.
For coloring the pot I made use of the yellow orche, brown and brunt sienna. For the cacti I made use of different shades of the color green.

Starting with coloring in with the lighter colors first to cover the sketch and then I went in with the darker shades. Thus, creating shades at different parts of the painting as I went colouring with the darker shades.

To finish it off I added shadow to the pot and the plants. And splashed some black color on the page to bind everything together.
I really enjoyed painting this earthly cacti watercolor doodle, I hope you guys like it too !!

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel here

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